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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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the u.s. reels from a killer super storm sandy some say obama and romney are pretending that disaster relief campaigns have nothing to do with the race for the presidency. we journalists are raising the alarm of freedom of speech as the government of those terrorists who brought in the country struggles to agree will get another set of bison caught. u.k. and u.s. intelligence keep the fog of war and global terrorism flying high let's hear a little value on the lives of those who refused to follow the battle.
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international news live from moscow this is all she was me thanks for joining us obama and they accused of using so the style sunday recovery efforts to boost a bid for the presidency. that campaigns on hold during the colletti turning to relief measures instead but some say the rivalry rhetoric so shows for. reports this was the surprise. i think there's. a hurricane sandy crashing on shore i've never seen anything like this i'm at a loss for words to describe what the storm could do but there is no loss for words on the campaign trail and on the eastern coast of our nation a lot of people are enduring some very difficult times the storm that wreaked havoc on america's east coast is wreaking confusion in the last critical days of a tight race for president so how do you run for office about seeming insensitive to a national tragedy the candidates are certainly doing all they can to look like they
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aren't trying to score political points but they're. actions tell a different story president barack obama canceled his election rallies and returned to washington to focus on the storm the election will take care of itself next week leaving vice president biden to campaign on his behalf. one of the perks of running for president while occupying the white house is being able to make high profile visits like this one america's whether we are standing behind you and we're going to do everything we can to help you get back on your feet it means coming across as a president on the job which certainly helps when it's a job you're reapplying for the president been in close contact with fema. and all the agencies of course obama is the president was his advisor say means he needs to focus on the crisis at hand but in terms of how it affects the election i don't think anybody really knows obviously we want unfettered access to the polls but
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it's a choice that doesn't sit well with some political opponents you'll notice he's canceling his trips over the hurricane he did not cancel his trips over benghazi. and then those republican presidential contender mitt romney so far he stopped sending fund raising e-mail isn't affected states he used his campaign bus for relief efforts and put up a blog with the weather related advice he's also scrap schedule campaign events only it seems there are some fine print involved this may look like romney's campaigning in ohio a key swing state but his advisors say that's not the case the so-called victory rally was canceled out of sensitivity. instead of the campaign insists this is a hurricane relief a vent canned goods came hand in hand with anti obama t. shirts there was music and theme songs and those attending the supposedly nonpartisan event were treated to a video about romney getting america stronger that's what american president has to do. asked by
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a reporter whether this blurred the line between storm relief. politics romney's top strategist replied i agree i don't know how it happened people over politics or politics or people it's certainly difficult to tell now we may be impossible to completely stop campaigning in the middle of a closely contested race but then why make the pretense of doing so it seems that both candidates could use a little bit of this age old advice say what you mean mean what you say and do what you say you'll do to seek half an hour of r.t. moscow state with r.c. for more days on the aftermath of superstorm sandy and the race for the white house we've got more what the mainstream is missing on dot com as well for you next monday on the eve of the will broadcast another live round of debates between the alternative such positive presidential candidates. we both agree we agree we need to bring the tax rates down i felt the same as the president did governor romney i'm glad. you agree let's go back to something the
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president i agree on and they do view that the voters have a choice you wonder who to vote for when romney and obama agree on so many things remember you do have other options come november sixth tune in to see the second round of debates between the major third party candidates right here on r.g.p. . tensions are running high in greece as the country's media workers start a wave of strikes accusing the government of clamping down on free speech a journalist who was arrested on monday for publishing a list of the country's alleged top tax dodgers with secret swiss bank accounts and on the same day two top presenters were suspended for criticizing a minister on air for more on this one hour joined live by dr demetri kamar is five and the daily griese dot net from athens a doctor come on it's welcome to the program so what is the government trying to achieve by putting journalists on trial. good morning from i think it's well this
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is a big question. because in mind is adama's going to run maybe. but i would say the real question is whether people really care about is about i mean putting generally some dry and. this is perhaps a problem for a freedom of speech and media clearly believe i mean. journalists and politicians can be in bed together for many years decades in greece and when politics go into crisis in these deep crisis we're experiencing the last two that are years then journalists follow although by playing the populist card to keep up with the audiences and i would alienate the new readers they have some ways to have a little i mean it's kind of their fares but they're not solid so they're. eccentric
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they're very easy targets. as soon as the government suddenly remembered a stoplight along. this so-called list of alleged tax evaders has importantly been in government custody faulty why are they concerned about it galling public now. well i think. it's a matter for if i may do borrow from i can buy a gun and capacity is cool it's a question of primary define or put defines first the issue i mean the government would like to have these on their own their own. and perhaps monitors it properly well properly in terms of the government interests or politicians interests by being their primary defining their outside the government system. is painful and generally. indeed there are back although i'm not completely.
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i mean there's shades of that that the publication of the least was for the public interest because it includes own sort of individuals and the common people that they happen to have in a counter something and also these suspensions come as the government is trying to pass off and not all service the package is there any significance significance in the timing of course of course i think it's it's the guy who we are already in it. today we have that in by two thousand and thirteen they buy them and you're a group you're a working group is in session we're waiting for two years extend sure everything is holding their breath and we don't need that i mean the government does not need any any there are billions and see it seems perhaps that the russian media have.
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covered these and you know the latest reports we had in other areas and other areas of a journalist last night who was. found in his position are that they're the least of secret documents i mean confidential documents leaked from the finance ministry. so it's an ongoing situation yes that. from your question could this situation escalate. of course of course because it's in my view it's a competition between two to get a powers and on our behalf or because i'm a journalist. we need to reinvent the profession we need to discuss seriously about the rules and values and the public interest and the chains that the profession is going through due to technology and everything and the power of them baramin of the source again one of the reasons is they're going to lose it and
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we have to don't thinks discuss things and be mature about it and that invent a profession it's a sense yes of course it will extend. because politics reporter politicians or corporate. demetrius' canary is found and dale agrees dot net thank you very much indeed that morning from others. of the day as the global war on terrorism has proved a successful rallying call for us and u.k. led military campaigns across the globe however as aussies at santa point of bike or rather reform as the great a cause sometimes goes hand in hand with brutal tactics. somali born mahdi hashi had grown up in the u.k. from the age of five he was a british citizen until this summer when the twenty three year old went missing and his family found out that the home office had stripped him of his passport for allegedly being involved in islamic extremism his parents are distraught they say
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that mahdi is an innocent victim of a british intelligence plot or because he refused to work for m i five. is that he's a muslim and believes and he's a practicing muslim but being a muslim is not being an islamist. that's what that's always been victimized this is the quiet north london community center where mehdi hashi worked back in two thousand and nine it was then that he and four of his muslim colleagues say that they were approached and harassed separately by security agents it's kind that m i five threatened to label them islamic extremists if they refused to become informants for british intelligence campaign is raising awareness for maddie's plight said that the constant threats made by british intelligence made life so unbearable that he left the u.k. they were trying to offer him a job. saying that you know effectively you're an extremist we know
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your the only way out of this is for you to come and work for us to come and help us these will become tactics that were being used because somali origin this is a purely racist profiling policy of the british government and particular security agencies marty had been living in somalia for the past two years taking care of his grandmother and raising a son of his own but several months ago he disappeared leaving his family in despair my son is missing this summer this summer but i don't always feel like. here. we are very wooded or all of the family the only information the hashi family have now comes from a man who contacted them to say that he'd been in prison with matty in djibouti and he told us that he had been. d.n.a. has been taken from him and then. contacted they found out that his approach does
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in the conduct of the british consul and the british consulate see that we have ordered removed this decision from him and then the americans talking to someone we don't know they don't know but they fear he's being held at camp in djibouti and atory s. u.s. anti terrorist base where he may be the victim of an american rendition program in which suspects are on lawfully taken to third party states to be illegally detained and tortured the hashi family want on says to simple questions like what the allegations are against maddie where he is located and whether he's even alive but when it comes to matters of intelligence they're faced with a wall of silence lawyers acting on behalf of the hashi family have received just this response from the government it has been the policy of successive governments neither to confirm or. deny speculation allegations or assertions in respect of
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intelligence matters this policy is maintained and accordingly the secretary of state can neither confirm nor deny the allegations made on behalf of your client and these cases a classic case where profiling and you know kind of almost ludicrous policies within this war on terror have resulted in an innocent individual helpless young man i think to be having their life ruined campaigners say that by stripping maddie hashi of his passport the british government has effectively washed their hands of his case leaving his family to continue the search for aunt says about their now stateless son polly boyko r t london. you know. the break nations tell. me to talk up on cora's bed and get help with c. when refugees fleeing the war. live analysis on that just. means
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in this story even for specialists how a voice can produce several sounds it wants to do lenience the art of throat singing comes naturally picked up like a language. a language of communicating with nature it said that's where throat singing originates from unions believe not only animals but also surrounded like reverse morris and dims don't have souls and by imitating the sounds they believe assumes to capture the power of nature. was.
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to get to one of the five main stars of the road see it imitates the gentle breezes of summer chara whose name means great hunter says the first piece adopted. there are special instruments that accompany the singing if danny says there is even a legend about his instrument a gill it says once there lived a poor shefford who had the best horse that won every competition but jealous people killed it on the horse was revived as an instrument. of stop the flow is going on the spirits of the horse came to his dream he said make an instrument from a tree. the sounding board from the leather of my face the strings on my tail and to remember me make an engraving of my head part of the instrument he did so i called the instrument again which means come back and this melody only instrument
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is called cry over again. well into the future science technology innovation all the least of elements from around russia we've got the future covered. forty kilograms of rice once. in a bad mood. to tell the group it's not the. done
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. this is also the welcome back turkish prime minister recep tayyip had a one is in germany to try and get. it back on track and corral has been trying to gain membership of the block for days with the prime minister recently stating that if europe doesn't grant its membership by twenty twenty three the union will take it completely and to talk more on this we have german and dazzle and who joins us now live from berlin seven to have you with us so turkey has been trying to get
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into the e.u. for twenty five years now launching the entry a bit in two thousand and five how much help is take expecting to get from berlin now. well burden is helping a lot because the german capital has a huge interest in turkey as a market and geopolitical alley in the middle east nevertheless there are some conservatives in berlin germany which are exposed to opposing the e.u. membership but still the german capital is very interested in turkey and last but not least turkey is one of the countries which is getting lots of weapons and the german armament industry is exploring lots of arms to turkey. and germany is home to three million turks but the german chancellor poses for the e.u. membership for favoring a privileged partnership instead so why. well i do
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not see that the german government is really opposing membership because they are helping a lot as i say. nevertheless there are some conservators of posing of the membership because the conservatives in germany are constantly making campaigns against turks in germany so therefore it's not very consequent if they are for the membership but in another way the german government. doing the privileged partnership. for the turkish government because they are getting full advantages of the e.u. the turkish market. turkish. in the middle east without. a position that turkey has anything to say in the european institutions therefore
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i think germany is going for the a.u. privilege partnership to get a big market in the middle east and get a real political partner in the middle east to do wind their own european union interventionist policy setting we are hearing reports of course as during as a once visit to germany how come he's facing such a reception. well the human rights situation in turkey is very terrible there are over one hundred journalists in prison in turkey there are over ten thousand political prisoners so and therefore people are or with the experience of turkish government coming to europe and talking about integration and human rights but not defending human rights in turkey and
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another thing is the explosion for these protests today against out of the un is also because turkey and the turkish government they are making the escalation politics to water war against syria. is well educated al-qaeda militants there educate him the free syrian army soldiers in turkey on turkish ground and they are giving them passing them weapons and people have a really big fear. against the war against syria or iran that's why they are giving such a reception and proceeding and of itself a lot about syria again earlier this month the tigers parliament also writes cross border military operations into syria where necessary berlin box and pariah here so could turkey pave the way for military intervention in syria. oh well turkey is not alone acting turkey is a nato member state and turkey is not acting without
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a say or conference with washington and berlin and that's why it's so dangerous the situation at the moment and that's why we as a left party say we do not want. to and we do not want that the berlin government is backing such an aggressive. foreign policy of turkey right german and the dandelion thank you very much indeed for your time your work. time now for business and there is a new twist in a long lasting dispute around the world's top nickel producer. yeah. the main shareholders we are talking about nicole of course they've reportedly started a fresh round of negotiations to find a way out of their tensions the russian billionaires that are passed. only around
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a quarter of the company and during the years they keep on arguing over divisions of management over the now comes the day use paper says to come up with a new shareholder agreement there are lots of speculations of a potential outcome for example full time to buy additional shares in the company that it could invite a new independent head to the rules the car with another metal type you use middle of likely count so that mothers have the us market see how they're doing the solve the new. we have got gains indeed for the r.c.s. but sometimes with my saved that load half a percent that's going on into europe because that's where it's all going on today it is going to a crisis call on the go between the euro leaders are going to talk about greece the potential charges of money so we're waiting on that one and i believe that's all the time for for now so coming up here i'll tell you though we've got plenty more we've got a bride snatching going on in a kyrgyzstan actually
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a special program on that as they put up. the sun rises over what seems like and lowest forest but here in the new directions cry for hundred kilometers north of light of all stop as in much of the world it's disappearing at a catastrophic rate. for. bloggers both illegal and those finding ways to outsmart the system for filing down the forest of the poem or ski region for them profit goes well beyond the future of our planet and the result could be an ecological crisis the world wildlife fund for nature makes regular trips to help local rangers do what little they can to stop the logging but it's not easy logger set up traps making them hard to reach in an already rough terrain and have mastered ways to jump through legal.
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this is a nature reserve we're only sanitary logging of disease trees is a lie out according to law and not a single berry can be picked up along like this used their sanitary logging permit to cut down absolutely healthy trees and sell the profitable timber over the border in china we are on the hunt for illegal loggers and it's not going to be easy to forests. and our chances are slim now for now we can stay in our dreams but as soon as we find solid tracks we'll have to drop our wheels and get out silently in order not to scare them off alexander some morning has been a ranger for over twenty five years he can spend weeks at a time tracking a single group of loggers easier to work when snow falls in autumn it's impossible to find human tracks and even transport tracks are hard to see after hours of driving we get sent in the right direction by word of mouth you can see that the
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ground is soft here which means that twelve tractor trails are very fresh which in fact means that we need to be quiet in order to not scare them off as we get closer . this team says they're illegal but have no documents now xander can now call the police to take over his work here is done overwhelmingly outnumbered there are too few rangers working in the region and the w w f says the government isn't doing enough to stop it the government. and according to. the guys in the forest still. no one tries to stop them in just five years the force will be gone. to china what will the people who
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live afterwards do. it's a question more and more people are. aware of today climate change in the safety of our environment as a whole are being discussed around the world and perhaps it's those small steps that might be a start to people living in harmony with nature. one can touch. his wedding draws to a close zareen and o'brien be interpreter and search to feel good by. showing see them for over a week after the ceremony the bride to be taken to a new husband's house and kept in a room for seven days the young wife will have to spend all that time with her husband so she can get to know him she's never even kissed him embraced him or held his hand before. while small not one of the guests can be certain but the groom has ever even proposed as
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a rino. if he simply kidnapped. the nearer cousin really ever was also a bride once over there was no white dress or limousine at her wedding veneer or lived with her husband for only a week then she ran away to hang herself. everyone was trying to persuade her that living together would be ok and this boy was trying hard trying to talk rehearing into this marriage but she wanted to give it a try. however it didn't work.


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